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Blagoobraznyj Iosif (pdb 'Priidite poklonimsya', Iori, Cm, 2-4vx, any choir) - RU

Alternative title песнопения Великой Субботы, The Great Saturday Motets, Noble Joseph
Composerfolklore, Rada Po
Arranger Rada Po
Lyricist old sacred text
PublisherRada Po
Genre Religious / Orthodox
Instrumentation Mixed choir, Female choir, Male choir, Children’s choir
Scored forDuo, Trio, Quartet, Choir
Type of scoreVocal score
Key C minor
LanguageRussian, Church Slavonic
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2015
The score-transformer, 2-4 voices:
2 - the melody with the bass, any octave
(the Duet Version is available at p.7)
3 - in the homogeneous choir choose the upper bass-line,
in the mixed staff - the lower one
4 - take the both bass-lines (for mixed choir)

Written by rada-po for Mefody's Choir.
Russian transliteration of Church-Slavic text.
The base is the podoben of Iori Valley 'Priidite poklonimsya'.

The Troparia 'Noble Joseph' is the Motet of The Holy Orthodox Church
sang during the Great Lent (Quadragesima),
namely - on The Great Saturday.
It is the usual practice to sing the old podoben tunes
in a new manner, with the other lyrics.
Iori podobens are known for their harmonies and melodies,
for the ancient mixture of the sorrow and the joy in one simple sound.

Audio fragment:
Blagoobraznyj Iosif (podoben 'Priidite poklonimsya' Iori)
by Mefody's Choir
© Copyright - Rada Anatolyevna Pokarzhevskaya / Mefody's Choir (190394979355)
The Troparia 'Noble Joseph' performed by Mefody's Choir.
The base is the podoben of Iori Valley 'Priidite poklonimsya'.
Genre: Classical: Choral Music
Release Date: 2016

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