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10 Dec 2017, News
YOUTUBE: Communion Hymn 'Του Δείπνου σου του Μυστικού σήμερον…' (podoben 'Gospodi Sil') by Mefody's Choir
This is an opportunity for me to direct your attention into the visual area concerning Mefody's Choir. Recently (oh, a month ago!) the sheet music of Communion Hymn in GREEK was published via MusicaNeo here . So, here is sort of movie of it for you to enjoy. The notes scrolling'd been synchronized with the record playing. See it at / смотреть на YouTube . Find Mefody's Choir @ iTunes , be active;)
05 Nov 2017, News
Херувимская Песнь / Cherubic Hymn 2.0 (Mefody's Choir)
Dear Sirs! Друзья-товарищи! Since you have shown such an interest in my music, let me share some news with you. Поскольку вы заинтересовались моей музыкой, я поделюсь своими новостями. As you could see for couple of years, I was ruling Mefody`s Choir much earnester than other two projects of mine - Rada Po and Da Voicez. Как вы могли заметить за несколько лет, Mefody`s Choir я занималась куда активнее, нежели прочими двумя моими проектами - Rada Po и Da Voicez. So, let me ...