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This page is about the music made by Rada Pokarzhevska (Rada Po) -
jazz composer, singer, arranger & piano-player for such projects as:
- "Mefody`s Choir" (Russia, since 2010)
choir was gathered by Rada Po and dedicated to a great man -
Father Mefody (Ilyutochkin), orthodoxal priest.
That was a new experience of learning
the music of Serbian, Greek, Byzantine, Bulgarian traditions -
interesting quality with high level of concentration.
Rada regards her love to this kind of music as Father Mefody`s merit.
"All that jazz" in her became useful for the music of Orthodox Church,
with suddenly suitable graces of Lydian & Phrygian lines.
The most important place in that collaboration in frames of
Orthodox Church services took the ability to transcribe, to "take" the score-notes
from audio pieces using ears (not Google))).
So, the huge scores archive is partly available on radast.com -
as far as Rada can scan the old ones or write new ones
(custom-made for choirs of Moscow & S.-Peterbourgh Orthodox Church).
The choir was conducted then by famous Russian musician Rinat Biktashev.
First records were made in 2011 in Govorovo, the village on the outskirts of Moscow -
the place where Father Mefody`s was building the temple.
The singers involved are:

  •   Rada Pokarzhevska
  •   Olga Zamarina
  •   Irina Boldova
  •   Alexandra Vilkina
  •   Oleg Gus`kov
  •   Alexander Gordon
  •   Tatyana Gordon
  •   Dmitriy Telegin
  •   Anastasiya Stepanova

Repertory of "Mefody`s Choir" contains a-capella arrangements
based on extant notes of ancient orthodoxal music.
- "Da Voicez", "Bright Core" (Russia, since 2008)
jazz-vocal ensemble developed from previous Rada`s vocal groups,
the singers involved are
  Lina Boo
  Liza Fridenberg
  Marina Vinogradova
  Catherine Gornostayeva
  Lara Markeyeva
  Tamara Dellsal (Danziger-Dellsal)
  Catherine Tretyakova
  Nathaly Shitova
  Olga Sladkova
  Darya Beryozkina
  Olga Zamarina
  Inzilya Ziyakayeva (Poptsova)
  Svetlana Zakharchenko (Barakovskaya)
  Alina Rostotskaya,
the repertory consisted of jazz-covers, unexpected versions of famous songs
& original compositions by Rada Po,
the drummers involved are
the guitar player involved is P.Martynenko
the bass-players involved are
- "Rada Po" (Russia, since 2012)
the musicians involved are
  P.Martynenko, guit
  M.Dorbeko, guit
  E.Glushko, guit
  M.Mazurok, dr
  A.Fedotov, dr
  D.Savin, trump
  M.Ovchinnikov, tenor sax
- "RadaSt`" (Ukraine, 2004-08, Russia, 2008-09)
the musicians involved were
  S.Danilevich, bs guit
  V.Ivanchenko, bs guit
  T.Pirogov, bs guit
  Y.Volchek (Bondar`), p-no
  R.Ramazanov, perc, dr
  M.Prib, perc
  V.Kornuta, dr
  S.Shamsutdinov, dr
  D.Kosinsky, guit
  I.Osipov, guit
  A.Tulpanov, guit
  A.Zhmak, trump
  K.Revkov, tenor sax
the sound-editor involved was A.Proshak
- "BC", "B-complete" (Ukraine, 2003-2008)
Rada`s group at S.S.Prokofiev Donetsk State Academy of Music,
vocalists involved were
  Viktoriya Korzhenok
  Julia Kharitonova
  Tatyana Cheberya
  Yelena Volchek (Bondar`)
  Julia Gavrashenko (Kots`ko)
  Dmitry Ivaschenko
the step-dancer involved was M.Atamas`
the Ableton-DJ involved was Salych
- "PianoSet" (Ukraine, 2003-10)
jazz duet with piano player V.Didyk

Rada`s jazz music groups won
several International Contests "DoDzh-junior" (2004-2006)
and took part in such festivals:
MuzEnergo 2008
Jazz Territory 2010(II prize)
Petrojazz 2011
Gnesin Jazz 2012
MusOceanFest 2012("Jazz" prize)
Wild Mint 2013
Usadba Jazz 2013 (the winner of contest)
International Fireworks Festival 2013

Rada Po