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I shall open up my mouth 2.0 (irmoi, with the different words, in English)

Alternative title The Katavasia of the Theotokos During the Triodion, Ирмосы Богородичны, Катавасиа Отверзу уста, ирмосы Отверзу
ComposerRada Po
Lyricist old sacred text
PublisherRada Po
Genre Religious / Orthodox
Instrumentation Female choir, Male choir, Children’s choir
Scored forQuartet, Quintet, Sextet, Choir
Type of scoreVocal score
Key A minor
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2016
Written by rada-po for Mefody's Choir,
the score-transformer, for 4-6 voices of homogeneous choir
(the additional small-size lines are of no importance).

English lyrics is from the Matins Service of The Holy Orthodox Church.

Upload date: 14 Oct 2016