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Cherubic Hymn (1.3, +Litany, pdb 'Dostojno Yest', Em, 2-6vx, any choir) - RU

Alternative title Cherubim Hymn, Херувимская, Cherubin Hymn
ComposerUnknown (works before 1850)
Arranger Rada Po
Lyricist old sacred text
PublisherRada Po
Genre Religious / Orthodox
Instrumentation Mixed choir, Female choir, Male choir, Children’s choir
Scored forDuo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet, Choir
Type of scoreVocal score
Key E minor
LanguageRussian, Church Slavonic
Difficulty Easy
Year of composition 2012
The 'any choir' edition, E-moll shifted.
Russian transliteration of Church-Slavic text of the Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church.
Written for Mefody's Choir..
There`s the Litany based on the musical material of the opus in the end of it. The score`s transformer: it may be performed by 2 singers as well as by the quartet, see the explanations.

"Cherubic Hymn" is the music performed during Orthodox Church services. The Serbian chant is one of those melodies called "podoben" (tradition has many of them, for making them sound again and again into new life).

The audio fragment (the edition for the homogenous choir, in RU, G-moll):
© Copyright - Rada Pokarzhevskaya / Mefody`s Choir (889211700158)
Genre: Easy Listening: Harmony Vocal Group
Release Date: 2015

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'Cherubic Hymn' 1.3 (+Ectenia, pdb 'Dostojno Yest', Hm, 2-6vx, any choir) - RU:
'Cherubic Hymn' 1.3 (+Ectenia, pdb 'Dostojno Yest', Gm, 2-6vx, any choir) - RU:
'Cherubic Hymn' 1 (+Ectenia, pdb 'Dostojno Yest', 1 edit., Dm, mix.quartet) - RU:
'Cherubic Hymn' 1 (+Ectenia, pdb 'Dostojno Yest', 2 edit., Fm, homog.quartet) - RU:

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